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He’s at it again, Notts grad on The Apprentice wins challenge and releases another banging rap

I wonder what Lord Sugar would say about his tunes

After the third episode aired The Apprentice is well and truly under way. The competition is starting to heat up and Nottingham grad, Avi Sharma not only managed  to lead his team to a win but he has released another banging tune detailing the events of the episode.

Avi has been releasing a rap each week with catchy lyrics and iconic visuals, which depict the events of the episode which has just been released.

Avi once again hit the nail on the head with some great lines such as: “I wanted PM so it feel to me”, “And physically I felt the synergy called it Affinity”, “There were issues in my team so I went with the switch.”

The new song was released to his TikTok and Twitter accounts after the episode aired last night.

Watch for yourself below:

He described leading his team to the win in the boardroom: “He ripped into me, but Affinity were strong. Now I know that this is where I belong. I’m flying to the moon like I’m Neil Armstrong. All the way through I still had a grin.Somehow we did it, we came out with a win.”

Avi is providing everyone with some great content, I’m just excited to see what he comes out with next week.

Featured images via BBC iPlayer and @avitv_.

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