Police investigating as eight people say they were assaulted by the same bouncer at Mbargo

Videos emerged yesterday showing the bouncer shoving one person to the ground

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating an Mbargo bouncer after eight people have reported being assaulted by the same member of security in the early hours of Sunday morning.

This comes after a video emerged on social media yesterday showing a member of Overt Security, the security company employed at Mbargo, pushing a woman to the floor alongside pictures of two men with injuries to their faces.

Credit: @Alexpasselle via Instagram

A spokesperson for Mbargo told The Bristol Tab: “Overt is an external company who are responsible for the security.

“Mbargo does not condone any violent or threatening behaviour and are appalled by the actions of the member of security involved.

Overt also stated that the security guard in question has been fired.

Credit: @Alexpasselle via Instagram

In a statement to The Bristol Tab, Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they attended the scene: “Officers were initially deployed to the club following reports three people had been assaulted by a member of staff.

“On arrival, the member of staff made counter allegations against those he was accused of assaulting.”

Police took contact details of those involved and spoke to eyewitnesses at the scene, eight people have now come forward to say they were assaulted by the bouncer and an investigation is ongoing.

“An officer has today (Monday 23 January) spoken to the three people reportedly assaulted by the member of staff and identified five other people who also claim to have been assaulted by him. Arrangements have now been made to take statements from these eight people.

“Our investigation is in its early stages and we’d ask people not to speculate about what appears to have happened.

“As part of our inquiry, we will be reviewing CCTV from the club as well as any other footage available.

“Should any offences be identified, we will take appropriate action.”

The police iterated that: “Violence, abuse, and intimidation against women and girls in any form, is not acceptable and will simply not be tolerated.”

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