Exclusive: Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker ‘will be suing Netflix for defamation’

This comes after a contributor to the doc claimed Kai spiked an ‘unstable man’

Kai Lawrence, the viral hitchhiker best-known for being the subject of Netflix’s latest true crime, has told The Tab he’ll be “suing” the platform for “defamation”.

This comes almost a month after he revealed he felt “ruthlessly exploited” by the producers, who allegedly “didn’t pay him” for his story. Despite his grievances, Ofcom rules reflect that “no payment, promise of payment or payment in kind, may be made to convicted or confessed criminals whether directly or indirectly for a programme contribution by the criminal.”

On 10th January, the film quickly rose to the number one spot on Netflix – and included exclusive interviews with his friends, family, PR executives and the journalists who originally made him famous.

His status as a 2013 viral sensation led to appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, tours with musicians and collab requests from the likes of Justin Bieber. But three months later, he was charged with the murder of 73-year-old lawyer Joseph Galfy. Kai is currently due to spend the next four decades in prison.

kai the hatchet wielding hitchhiker

Photo via Netflix

In a statement to The Tab, Kai wrote: “You’ve probably noticed there’s a curious absence of my side of the story in the Netflix movie and most reporting on it. You could break the mold and break a story about my response to the movie’s overarching accusation of me… the ‘laced joint’ bullshit.”

Musician (and contributor to the film) Gabriel Francisco accused Kai of telling him he supplied convicted attacker Jett Simmons-McBride a “laced joint,” before he went on to harm several people with Kai present in the car. However, McBride’s toxicology report – according to Gabriel Francisco,  only showed weed in his system. “I understand that the police have tested the marijuana and they did toxicology on the driver,” Gabriel told filmmakers. “But what if there’s something that didn’t show up on the test?” 

Kai feels disgruntled by Gabriel’s comments.  “I will be suing Netflix and (Gabriel) both for defamation,” he claimed.

gabriel francisco speaking about kai

Photo via Netflix

We reached out to Gabriel and told him about Kai’s alleged intentions to sue. In response, he claimed: “Kai can sue all he wants… he told me what he did and I feel responsible, because I wasn’t allowed to say anything (at the time). If Simmons-McBride was unstable and slipped something, a ‘bad trip’ sounds very feasible.”

This is now the second time Kai has spoken out about his dislike for the film.

The Tab has reached out to Netflix for comment.

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