An Australian-inspired yoga and coffee bar has opened in Cardiff Bay

And yes, there’s student discount

Vibes which promises “chilled-out, feel good vibes” has opened on Harrowby Street in Cardiff Bay.

The Australian-inspired coffee bar slash yoga studio yoga is the brain child of 37-year-old Jenny Jarvis, who first came to Cardiff as a university student. The establishment, which is open all week round, boasts a range of classes suitable for all abilities, as well as a wide variety of juices, smoothies, coffee so that we can accompany a session with a healthy treat. All the juices are made fresh on site, and fresh cakes and pastries from local suppliers are in plentiful supply, on offer to everyone whether doing yoga or not, and all served with a tasty student discount.

Owner Jenny, has done yoga since in her teens, and was inspired by the yoga studios and cafes she discovered in America, Australia and Bali while travelling.

“I think everyone has their secret business idea in their head, and mine was of a super-chilled place to hang out, with yoga and a healthy coffee bar,” said Jenny, when we asked her how the unique concept came to her. The ethos is focused on allowing Cardiff residents to leave the bustling city life behind, and experience the “chilled-out, feel good vibes” associated with Australia and Bali. Plus, it’s already an obvious success, as the owner says: “it already feels like a community!”

There are more personal reasons to why Jenny was motivated to open up her dream business, as the creation of Vibes comes sadly under tragic circumstances, as Jenny told us: “I was so close with both my parents but lost my dad when I was six months pregnant with my first daughter, meaning he never got to meet his first grandchild. Then, just before this, my mum had been diagnosed with early-onset dementia and had begun the awful and painful journey of fading away.

“I was driven to do something positive, something that I otherwise wouldn’t have done, had it not been for these sad circumstances. I wanted to help others to really take time in their life to savour the moment and feel their healthiest and happiest.”

Crucially, yoga became a major factor in maintaining her mother’s mental health, and now Jenny wants to provide everyone with the opportunity to unwind and relax through yoga. There are many different forms of yoga available, with a variety of benefits, and with suitability for even beginners, we’re sorely tempted to give it a try. It’s very affordable too, with a week of unlimited yoga on offer at only £15.

Jenny was also keen to reassure anyone tempted to try yoga but feeling a little nervous: “We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. We have specific beginners classes, but beginners can also slot right in to any of our sessions – almost all our customers so far have been curious beginners and it’s so lovely to see. Nothing makes us happier!”

Oh, and did we mention? Vibes is really rather eco-friendly: not only are recycled coffee cups used, but those bringing their own reusable cup will get a tempting 10% discount for any drink. Vibes also has what Jenny calls a “secretly plant-based” menu, with each confection crafted cleverly so that you’re not likely to realise it’s entirely vegan until you’ve eaten it!

“Our goal is to show that you lose nothing when you remove animal products, and to encourage people to give plant-based a go, even if just from time to time – it all helps!” said Jenny, rightfully proud of Vibes’ enticing menu. “We also offer cow’s milk as a way to encourage those who may be ‘on the journey’ to being vegan or are simply trying to eat more plant-based, so they might choose a cow’s milk latte and a plant-based brownie for example. We have a range of delicious gooey gluten free cakes and bakes as well.”

Welcoming, sustainable and community-focussed are Vibes’ wholesome core values. So, if you fancy de-stressing and un-winding, whether you’re introducing some gentle exercise into your routine with a light yoga class, or simply taking time for yourself with a homemade brownie before the stress of lectures begins next week, it seems highly likely that Vibes might be the place for you! Drop into Vibes this week, and let us know what you think!

Images Credit: Jenny Jarvis

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