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Pamela, a love story is Netflix’s ‘intimate’ documentary exploring the life of Pamela Anderson

It has been described as a ‘first-person account of what it really means to be an icon’

Netflix’s latest documentary tells the story of Hollywood icon Pamela Anderson. Pamela, a love story “is Pam like you’ve never seen before”, according to Netflix and is told by the star herself.

The documentary is available to watch now and looks back on Pamela Anderson’s professional and personal life, including exclusive interviews with her. Here’s what the documentary is going to cover and it’ll make you want to watch it almost immediately.

Pamela Anderson documentary Netflix

via Netflix

Pamela is described as “the sort of celebrity everyone thinks they know inside and out – or at least has an opinion about”. The Netflix documentary aims to tell her story from herself, without anyone’s opinion wading in and changing it.

The moviestar is reclaiming her story in the documentary, and “divulges intimate, unshare details about her early life” and how she rose to fame. In the doc she “discusses her lifelong pursuit of love, which led to her highly publicised and often turbulent romances.”

Pamela Anderson was in a high profile relationship with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and they were married for three years. The infamous sex tape theft “forever changed her life and career”, as discussed in the documentary.

Pamela Anderson documentary Netflix

via Netflix

Talking about starring in the documentary, Pamela said: “I was very hesitant, but looking back, I feel empowered. And I hope that [my story] inspires people to have a great fucking time and not worry so much.”

Pamela, a love story will included never before seen photos, journal entries and “thoughtful introspection”. Netflix’s Tudum described the documentary as “a first-person account of what it really means to be an icon, a sex symbol, an actor and a mother of two – all while everyone is watching.”

The documentary was directed by Ryan White, who previously directed the docuseries The Keepers, which investigated the cold case of murdered nun Catherine Cesnik in 1969.

Watch the trailer for Pamela, a love story below:

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