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Dami Hope hits back at ‘deluded people’ who have been comparing him to Ron on Love Island

‘You guys are so mad that I don’t fit into this narrative you’ve created for me’

Love Island’s Dami Hope has set viewers straight in a Twitter rant about comparing him to Ron and Lana on the winter series on the show. Ron has recently been called out for having his head turned by every bombshell that walks in the villa and expecting Lana to stay sweet and a lot of people on Twitter have been saying it resembles Dami and Indiyah’s situation from 2022.

Dami and Indiyah were in a couple for most of their time in the villa and things went left after Casa Amor when they both returned with different people. However, they eventually made their way back to each other and placed third in the competition.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, Dami has called out “deluded people” who have been comparing Indiyah and Lana to one another over the last few episodes. Dami said: “I’m going to say this one time for a lot of you deluded people – Indiyah and Lana are not the same. I never once sat her down in the villa and told her someone else was my type and disrespected her to her face over and over and she openly took me back. I went to Casa [Amor] and openly explored a new connection because Indi and I said we’d get to know other people.”

Dami reflected on his and Indiyah’s time during Casa Amor and said if she “full felt attracted to” another Islander, she “would’ve 100 per cent lipsed them.” He concluded and said: “I feel like a lot of you forget it’s heavily edited, you see like 15 per cent of what actually goes on in there especially if it doesn’t fit the script for the dramatics you guys so desperately want.”

The former Islander did hold back on calling people out who have been giving their opinion on his and Indiyah’s relationship. In another tweet, he said: “A lot of you like to paint this narrative of how my girlfriend is cause she didn’t reactions like you wanted. You guys are so mad that I don’t fit into this narrative you’ve created for me. You so desperately want me to disrespect Indi and treat her bad but it’s never going to happen.”

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