Meet the cast of Netflix’s new supernatural detective series Lockwood & Co

So this is what Francesca Bridgerton has been up to

Lockwood & Co. is Netflix’s new detective thriller series which follows a girl with psychic abilities who joins a ghost-hunting agency, and the cast are insanely cool. The three individuals part of the agency whose plan is to “fight the deadly spirits plaguing London”, without any adults involved.

The series has a couple of familiar faces from past Netflix projects as well as on being a sibling of dare I say, one of the most famous members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you’re not already curious, here’s everything you need to know about the cast of Netflix’s Lockwood & Co.

Ruby Stokes – Lucy Carlyle

Lockwood and Co cast

via Instagram @rubystokess

Lucy Carlyle is played by Ruby Stokes, who viewers will definitely recognise from Netflix’s Bridgerton as Francesca Bridgerton. Bridgerton fans noticed that Ruby was hardly in the second season of the show and that was due to her commitments to filming in Lockwood & Co.

Ruby is 22 years old and grew up in East London with her two younger brothers, according to Cosmopolitan. She attended The BRIT school and said: “It was the best schooling path I could’ve gone down, I loved it there. The BRIT school challenge you to expand your ideas; the teachers were supportive and encouraging.”

Ruby’s Instagram is mainly full of fun behind the scenes photos of her on Bridgerton so we can only hope to get even more from her time on the set of Lockwood & Co. Ruby has over 130,000 followers on Instagram and her handle is @rubystokess.

Cameron Chapman – Anthony Lockwood

Lockwood and Co cast

via Netflix

Cameron Chapman stars as the lead in Lockwood & Co as Anthony Lockwood. The rising star studied at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and told Wonderland Magazine he “always loved films” and that is where his passion for acting came from. Lockwood & Co is Anthony’s first big role and is the only acting credit to this name.

Cameron’s Instagram isn’t filled with much other than trailers for Lockwood & Co as well as behind the scenes photos from filming. He was over 26,000 followers on Instagram and his handle is @cameronchapman__.

Ali Hadji-Heshmati – George

Lockwood and Co cast

via Netflix

Ali Hadji-Heshmati stars as George in the Netflix supernatural series. This isn’t Ali’s first acting gig as he is one of the students in the Bad Education reboot, called Warren. H e also made an appearance in BBC’s Holby City and Alex Rider.

Ali’s Instagram only has five posts and they all include photos from his time filming Bad Education and Lockwood & Co. If this doesn’t scream range, I don’t know what does. Ali has over 11,000 followers on Instagram and his handle is @alihadjiheshmati.

Jack Bandeira – Quill Kipps

Lockwood and Co cast

via Instagram @jackbandeiraa

Jack Bandeira portrays Quill Kipps in Lockwood & Co, a team supervisor of the Fittes Agency and often teams up with the Lockwood & Co agency. Jack has previously starred in Netflix’s Sex Education as well as the BBC crime series Happy Valley. His other acting credits include My Policeman, The Silent Twins and the After movies.

Jack doesn’t have many followers on Instagram in comparison to his co-stars, with just over 2,000 followers. His Instagram handle is @jackbandeiraa.

Paddy Holland – Bobby Vernon

via Netflix

Paddy Holland is fairly iconic and that’s partially because he is Tom Holland’s brother and is sick in Lockwood & Co. Paddy stars as Bobby Vernon, a member of the Fittes Agency and is a researcher for Quill Kipps’ team.

Paddy appeared in the first season on Invasion back in 2021 and is set to star in the second season which is currently in production. His other acting credits include the short film Roses for Lily as Montgomery Cuttermill.

Paddy has an impressive 658,000 followers on Instagram, which is much higher than his co-star. His Instagram is mainly pictures with him and his mates at festivals, oh and of course with his brother Tom. His Instagram handle is @paddyholland2004.

Rhianna Dorris – Kat Godwin

via Instagram @rhiannadorris

Kat Godwin is another member of the Fittes Agency and she is played by Rhianna Dorris. Rhianna has starred in a number of things including The Kid Who Would Be King, Secret Life of Boys, and Stage School.

Rhianna’s Instagram is full of gorgeous selfies and pictures with her and her friends. She has just over 2,800 followers on Instagram and her handle is @rhiannadorris.

Ivanno Jeremiah – Monatgu Barnes

via Netflix

There isn’t a detective drama without a law enforcer who is always keen on following the rules. Montagu Barnes is the head of the DEPRAC, a government organisation who are devoted to hunting down the cause of hauntings by ghost in England. Montagu is played by Ivanno Jeremiah, an actor best known for his roles in Humans, A Discovery of Witches and The Jury.

Ivanno only has one post on his Instagram which is the trailer of Lockwood & Co. He has an impressive 8,300 followers and his handle is @ivannojeremiah_.

Ben Crompton – Julius Winkman

via Netflix

Julius Winkman is one of the most prominent illegal relic dealers and is played by Ben Crompton. Ben Crompton is no stranger to the TV screen and has starred in countless TV shows and movies. Just some of his acting credits include Game of Thrones, Pramface and Before I Go to Sleep.

Alice Lowe – Adelaide Winkman

via Netflix

Alice Lowe stars as Adelaide Winkman in Lockwood & Co, the wife of Julius. Like Ben Crompton, Alice has a number of acting credits to her name including Adult Life Skills which features Jodie Whittaker and Brett Goldstein. Alice has also starred in Prevenge, Eternal Beauty and Sightseers.

Jemma Moore – Annabel Ward

via Instagram @jemma__moore

Annabel Ward is a Type Two Ghost in Lockwood & Co, after she is murdered by her lover. Annabel is played by Jemma Moore who has starred in Trap for Cinderella, Stalling It and Wonder Woman alongside Gal Gadot.

Jemma’s Instagram is full of cute selfies and photos from them on set of various projects. They have over 3,400 followers on Instagram and their handle is @jemma__moore.

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