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Everything you need to know about this weekend’s Metro cancellations

No trains will be running on Saturday or Sunday between certain stations, including West Jesmond

Planning on taking the Metro this weekend? Depending on which line you take and where, it might be best to think again. Nexus has announced that no trains will be running between Haymarket and Regent Centre or between Haymarket and Four Lane Ends across both days this weekend, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February.

This means you might need to scrap your cheeky Tynemouth market visit and forget all about metro-ing from Jesmond pres into Toon – unless you’re prepared to get the bus. A replacement bus service will be running between all the affected stations, including some late night buses.

So don’t worry, you can still make it to the airport for that cheap Ryanair flight to Dublin, just with a bus journey sandwiched in between. It’s a good idea to leave extra early though. If you want to travel between Haymarket and Four Lane Ends, look for Bus 900.

If you’re going between Haymarket and Regent Centre, Bus 902 is the one – they’ll stop at or close to the metro stations.

Let’s be real though, who actually enjoys taking the bus? Metro all the way.

Plans totally scuppered? Don’t despair; trains will still be running in both directions between Haymarket to South Shields and South Hylton, as well as between Airport to Regent Centre, and Four Lane Ends to St James.

You can get your beach fix on the South Tyneside coast instead, or if you’re really craving those Frank-un-Tyne sausages and some random second-hand DVD, you can get the Yellow line to Tynemouth via Meadowell.

If you desperately need those Aldi essentials you can easily get to Gateshead Stadium, as long as you get on at or after Haymarket.

A bonus is that Go North East and Stagecoach bus service will be accepting metro tickets in all areas covered by the Metro, not just the closed sections. On that note, it’s worth remembering that until March, all single UK bus journeys only cost £2, which can be a significant saving for some trips.

You might be rolling your eyes and thinking “not again” – but at least this time it’s not due to vandalism or cable theft, just improvement works. Nexus will be carrying out overhead line and depot works at the Repair Centre in Gosforth, to keep Newcastle’s iconic public transport system running better than ever.