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Guys, Northumberland Street Pret has actually run out of coffee

Hot chocolates all round

The unthinkable has happened – Pret on Northumberland Street has actually run out of coffee.

I actually cannot believe how this can even happen, my heart goes out to all of you Pret subscription owners. I’m actually worried for the population in general, as we all know Newcastle students’ blood runs 1/3 treb and 2/3 coffee.

I can only think to blame all of you lot who visit and actually order coffees and socialise rather than buy one iced matcha then proceed to sip from your hydro flasks and steal the heat and wifi like the rest of us. So selfish.

Costa and Starbuck’s just don’t hit the same, I’d actually rather go to Greggs or worse – the library. At least the Robbo has rocket fuel coffees, even if the aesthetic is low-key depressing.

Who knew that a student’s mood could rely so heavily on a silly little drink. I’m expecting a full riot if it’s not back by tomorrow. I literally cannot.

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