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Meet Amy-Leigh Hickman, the Ackley Bridge star playing Nadia in YOU season four

OMG! It’s Carmen from The Dumping Ground!

YOU is back on Netflix and everyone can finally get their dose of the murderous Joe Goldberg. Still up to his old tricks, Joe has moved to London under the new identity of Professor Jonathan Moore.

Starring alongside Penn Badgley is Amy-Leigh Hickman, who plays the role of Nadia Farran who bonds with Joe over their love for reading, but as the episodes go on, viewers realise there is more to Nadia than meets the eye.

But before you get to know Nadia in YOU, she is played by the very establish Amy-Leigh Hickman, who has some seriously impressive acting credits to her name. So before you start a binge of part one of YOU on Netflix, get to know Amy-Leigh Hickman.

She is 25 years old from Sussex

Amy is a 25-year-old actress from Hastings in East Sussex. She began her acting journey at just five years old when she began acting at The Theatre Workshop in Bexhill. Amy also attended The St Leonards Academy, which is situated in St Leonards-on-Sea in Hastings in East Sussex.

Amy first started out in acting in Tracy Beaker Returns

Amy acting debut was in Tracy Beaker Returns, as Carmen Howle. Everyone loved to hate Carmen but deep down had a soft spot for the pink-loving character. Amy continued her role as Carmen in the Tracy Beaker universe as she reprised her role in The Dumping Ground as well as its webisode series.

She has since gone on to star is several major TV shows

After starring in the CBBC series, Amy’s career has continued to grow. She has appeared in the likes of Strike Back and Get Real With Money. Amy really got her big break as an adult for her role in EastEnders as Linzi Bragg. She was on the show from February to April 2016 and returned for a short period in March 2017.

Amy also starred in the Netflix series Safe and in 2020 she starred in Our Girl as Mimi Saunders. Amy is truly booked and busy and you have got to absolutely respect the hustle. Most notably, Amy played the role of Nasreen ‘Nas’ Paracha in Ackley Bridge. Amy left the series before its final season to star in Our Girl as Mimi Saunders.

Amy stars as Nadia in season four of YOU on Netflix

In Netflix’s YOU, Amy-Leigh Hickman plays the role of Nadia, who is a fan of storytelling and all things murder mysteries. Amy described her character as “selfless” and as a “good person”. She said: “She [Nadia] does things her own way and is quite instinctive as well, which we see more of throughout the series. She doesn’t really think about things, but she’s quite selfless. She does things just because she’s a good person and I really like that about her.”

Amy-Leigh Hickman YOU

via Netflix

Nadia is said to be the smartest in her class and reckons she has “everyone sussed out”, according to Amy. So maybe Joe isn’t as safe in her company as he may think.

She has been in a number of theatre productions

As well as TV work, Amy has been in a number of theatre productions from pantomimes to plays. In 2014, Amy played Princess Jasmine in a version of Aladdin. In 2016, she starred in Sleeping Beauty at the Sunderland Empire Theatre. In 2021, Amy starred in East Is East in Birmingham and at the National Theatre in London. Amy shared pictures from behind the scenes on her Instagram, asking her followers to come and see her.

She has another project coming out on ITVX soon

Amy is set to star in the ITV series Ruby Speaking which is a Bristol-based series which follows Ruby’s misadventures as a call centre workings and is inspired by the years Jayde Adams spent working in a call centre. In an Instagram post, Amy posted a shot of her and the cast and said the series would be coming soon.

Amy and Tilly, who is also in YOU, are good friends in real life

Amy and Tilly Keeper, who is also in the fourth season of YOU, are also good friends in real life. They became fast friends while on EastEnders together and have since gone on holidays together and support each other on their various projects. Tilly stars as Lady Phoebe in YOU, a socialite who takes a liking to Joe.

Part one of season four of YOU is available to watch on Netflix now, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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