Everyone is desperate to know, so here’s exactly what happens to Marienne in YOU season four

Joe’s name may change but his personality sure hasn’t

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

At the end of season three, Marienne was heavily embroiled in the love triangle with Joe and Love and she was almost killed. Instead of killing Marienne, Love warns her about Joe, telling her about his obsessive ways and his murderous past and advises her to run away.

The last time we saw Joe, he had killed Love, faked his own death and was walking around Paris to find Marienne. A lot has changed since then, but what actually happened to Marienne in the end? Here’s everything you need to know about the fate of Marienne in YOU season four.

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In the very first episode of part one, Joe describes how he travelled to France for months to try and find Marienne. In a flashback he says: “I went to every artist haunt in Paris, I visited them over and over.” Joe eventually spots one of Marienne’s paintings in a park in Paris and the seller tells Joe that Marienne is in London.

In another flashback, Joe meets Marienne again and asks her to talk but she pulls out a knife. Joe says he thought she’d be happy to see him and thought she loved him. Oh poor deluded Joe.

Without spoiling too much of the central plot of the fourth season, Marienne boards a train to Paris and Joe bumps into her and rips off her necklace. He watches her board the train and by doing so, “saves” her. “I let you go to show you I’m not what you think. I’m not a killer,” he tells her. Someone wants Marienne dead, but Joe can bring himself to do it and so by taking her necklace he sends the person a photo of it to look like he has.

Thankfully, Marienne makes it out alive and in season four she is the only person who knows his true identity. It isn’t clear if Marienne will be in the second part of YOU season four but Tati Gabrielle has been booked and busy so she not be. In the new year, Tati starred in another Netflix series called Kaleidoscope which dominated the Netflix top 10 for weeks.

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