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You can’t call yourself a real Stormzy fan unless you get full marks on this lyrics quiz

Big Michael is up for three Brit Awards this year

Stormzy has been nominated for three awards at this year’s Brit Awards and with a new album out, it could be a sure thing that he will sweep the 2023 music awards season.

The creation of Stormzy’s latest album, This Is What I Mean, was a work in progress for to years. In an interview talking about the album, stormzy said he wanted his album to be “proper hard” and over the coronavirus pandemic, the rapper made his album. Speaking to the New York Times, Stormzy said: “I didn’t have my cape on. I was just Mike, navigating life.”

There was a lot of speculation around some of Stormzy’s latest songs being about his ex-girlfriend, Maya Jama. His song Fire and Water was an eight minute track dedicated to a past lover, and in his case, this would be Maya Jama. The song centres on his admiration for Maya and what they life could have been like, had they not split up. A lot of the songs in the album seem to have a Maya Jama spin on them, with some people thinking Firebabe was about her largely due to Maya being a fire sign.

Whether you’re a fan of 2017 Stormzy or his later stuff, every era of Stormzy has certain songs that will forever be remembered, with a select few being able to get full marks if a Stormzy lyrics quiz was handed to them. Stormzy is also set to perform at the Brit Awards 2023, and to avoid you mumbling the lyrics and butchering his songs, let’s test your knowledge with this Stormzy lyrics quiz.

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