Cardiff University’s Turkish Society to hold a bake sale in aid of earthquake victims

All funds will go towards life-saving supplies for those in need

The Turkish Society at Cardiff University launched its first fundraising event on Friday 10th and this week it is organising a fundraising bake sale between the 13th and 15th February. You can find its stall on the second floor of the Students’ Union between 9:30 and 16:30 this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

After the devastating seven-point-eight magnitude earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria on Monday 30th January, the death toll surpassed 25,000. Over 800,000 people urgently need food and over 6000 buildings have collapsed which has caused thousands of people to become homeless.

Baked goods will include cakes, cookies, and other delicious Turkish treats. The president of the society will also help bake the treats and the profits will go towards helping those affected by the earthquakes receive life-saving supplies.

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