Finish the rom-com quote and we’ll tell you what Lancaster icon you are

Test your romance movie knowledge just in time for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single or dating on Valentine’s, watching a rom-com can be a great way to spend February 14th. If you’re brave enough, you could go for a tear-jerker like The Fault in Our Stars or even Marley and Me, this movie broke us. But for a casual watch that you can break out the snacks for, rom-coms like Dirty Dancing or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are perfect.

Because, the fact is, you don’t need a date on Valentine’s to enjoy yourself. You could use February 14th as a self-care day or as an excuse to make love-heart-shaped pizzas with your mates. You could have a primary school craft evening, doing things to release your inner child. Or you could simply have a movie night, taking a needed break from uni work.

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