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Lets hope it’s whale vomit: Lancaster Uni is testing a rock found on Morecambe beach

The discovery could be worth around £40k

A man from Morecambe has found a waxy yellow rock on Morecambe beach near the Midland Hotel.

Jonathan Pearson told the Lancaster Guardian that if it is proven to be ambergris (also known as whale vomit), it could be worth a lot of money.

Pearson said, “I went down to inspect it and grabbed it. It is a yellowy white waxy material and is broken into two pieces, it’s quite heavy and weighs 2kg. I reckon it’s worth about £40k if it proves to be ambergris.”


Ambergris is a rare material often used in the making of perfumes to make a scent last longer. Ambrein, the odourless alcohol extracted from ambergris, is so rare that it is now only used in the most expensive perfumes. It can take years for a piece of ambergris to reach shore, and the longer it takes, the more it is worth.

He has sent the mysterious substance to Lancaster University for testing, and if it is proven to be ambergris he hopes to find a buyer.

As it is such a rare find, we wouldn’t be expecting to spot any more washing up in Morecambe anytime soon.

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