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District Nightclub is doing £1 drinks and entry on Wednesdays for students

You can even spin the wheel to win a free drink

District is offering £1 vodka mixers and shots on Wednesday nights for students as part of Twisted Disco.

District is fairly new to the Cardiff nightclub scene and opened in September 2022. The multi-genre nightclub has brought us the best freshers’ events and continues to impress us throughout the year with its cheeky deals and events.

If you’re looking for a cheap night out, the Twisted Disco in District is the place to be. With £1 entry and drinks, you’re guaranteed a great night without breaking the bank. We gave it a go so you didn’t have to, and we weren’t disappointed. As soon as we arrived, we were given the chance to win free drinks, lighters and more with a game of spin the wheel. The fun didn’t stop there with a variety of tunes being played throughout the night, which Twisted call a music policy for everyone, so even if you go with your housemates you met on Overgeard, there’s something for everyone. A variety of drink options were displayed, making sure that whether you’re a WKD lover or a shot necker, you’re sorted.

On Wednesdays, you can find society and sports team deals, including vodka mixers and shots being £1 for everyone. Make sure to get in contact with Twisted Disco via social media to secure a sponsorship which can include both kit and away game drink sponsorships. So if you fancy discounted drinks and a guaranteed good night out, District is the place to be.

District have a variety of events incoming so make sure to check out their socials and keep up to date. Whether you’re up to dance away to a DJ set or experience the Escape Festival Takeover, they’ve got you covered.

Follow them on Instagram at twisteddiscocdf and districtcardiff.

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