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Carnage on campus as Prime gets stocked in University Centre

University Centre SPAR staff had no idea what they were getting into

The hype of Prime Hydration has recently come to Birmingham’s campus, as the SPAR in University Centre stocked the drink.

Throughout KSI’s career, he has done many crazy things such as becoming a professional boxer. He also enjoyed an extremely successful music career with many singles reaching the top 10 in the charts and he even had a Number One album called All Over the Place. Yet nothing has produced so much hype as much as his and Logan Paul’s new hydration drink, Prime.

Even before the drink had been launched, it gained swift attention from their many fans across all social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. When Prime was first released in the UK it was only available at ASDA and at the Emirates Stadium (the home ground of Arsenal Football Club, as they have a partnership with the club).

KSI and his business partner Logan Paul have also recently struck another partnership deal with the UFC. Now, it is stocked in other supermarkets, which has created somewhat of a ‘black-market’ for the drink.

And Prime recently came to Birmingham’s campus, as the SPAR in University Centre stocked the drink. Hundreds of school children frantically sprinted there when news got out that the sought-after drink was available. SPAR was selling the drink for £2.99 and limiting it to two drinks per person to cope with demand. This is slightly more expensive than other supermarkets, such as ASDA, who charge £2.

Some university students found themselves among the carnage, one of them being a fourth-year languages student, Magnus, who The Birmingham Tab “it was like being at a year six disco.”

Staff at SPAR in the University Centre when the carnage unfolded said: “It was crazy.” They went on to say that despite this, “they were respectful waiting in line and sticking to the two-bottle limit.”

SPAR found in the University Centre on the University of Birmingham Campus

The drink’s marketing technique is quite remarkable as they have sold out nearly as quickly as the stock arrives on the shelf. The drink appears to use scarcity marketing, with FOMO at its centre, although KSI claims that this is not the case and wants as many people as possible to be able to access the drink.

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