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Whilst you pick your jaw up from the floor, here is the ending of Red Rose explained

I desperately need a second season

Red Rose is the teen thriller series everyone has been talking about. When the mysterious app downloads itself on Rochelle’s phone, everything takes a turn for the worse.

The series has an incredibly talented cast, and they have left viewers with shivers down their spines, especially after Rochelle’s untimely death. If the ending is still a bit foggy and you still don’t know how Rochelle died or who the person is behind Red Rose, here’s the ending of the thriller series explained.

Spoilers ahead!

Rochelle was murdered and didn’t take her own life

In the second episode of Red Rose, it looks as though Rochelle takes her own life and the town and all her friends attend her funeral, but Wren isn’t convinced. The final episode of the thriller series shows a video of Rochelle being attacked, meaning Wren was right all along and Rochelle didn’t take her own life.

Red Rose ending

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An obsessed teen is behind the creation of Red Rose

In the season finale, viewers find out that the person who created the Red Rose app is Jacob, a schoolboy who creates the app to spy on someone. In the first episode, viewers witness Alyssa’s death, and it is her who Jacob is obsessed with.

Jacob eventually loses control of the app after a group of sadists take control of it and it begins spreading through online technology. The users who take over the app take pleasure in spying on people and watching people get tortured behind a computer screen.

The Gardener is actually a woman who wanted to see how far Wren could go

Red Rose ending

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As the series goes on, viewers find out there is a main instigator behind the torture called The Gardener. Wren is convinced the man holding her father hostage is the person behind the app and when he is murdered, the friends think everything is over and The Gardener is dead.

However not everything is that simple when Jaya deletes the app and its evidence and meets the real Gardener and it’s a woman. The woman explains to Jaya that she saw potential in Wren and wanted to see how far she would go when pushed.

When Jaya tells the woman she has deleted the app, The Gardener replies: “You can’t delete an idea.” Wren’s dad eventually takes the fall for the man who held him hostage’s death as he is found next to a dead body with a murder weapon.

There could be a next season following a group of friends on a night out

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At the end of the show, the screen swaps to a group of friends enjoying themselves on a night out in Tokyo and viewers can hear the beep of the dreaded Red Rose app. The show is left on a cliffhanger that could be an opening a second season but no news has been announced about it yet.

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