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An extra university strike day has been announced by the UCU

There will now be six strike days across March

The UCU (University and College Union) have announced an additional strike day for universities across the UK.

Strike action will now take place on Wednesday 15th March as well as the five other days that were initially planned.

Other strike action will still take place on the following days:

Thursday March 16th

Friday March 17th

Monday March 20th

Tuesday March 21st

Wednesday March 22nd

Jo Grady, UCU’s General Secretary , announced the news by explaining that whilst progress is being made and negotiations are taking place regarding the union’s demands, they do not wish to back down.

She said: “I’m pleased to say that whilst Acas talks take place on a confidential basis, we are making progress across a range of subjects and will bring you more information as those talks come to a natural conclusion.

‘The employer chose to put out their pay offer and make it clear that it is final and that universities can implement the initial element of that pay offer. We need to be absolutely crystal clear; this is not a pay offer that has been agreed with us as a union, or any of the other unions involved in the negotiations.

‘The reasons we’ve added this additional date is to focus the employers mind as talks come to a conclusion this week and especially early next week. They need to have on them the maximum amount of pressure.”

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