Lincoln City Council cancels the city’s famous Christmas Market after 40 years

The decision was due to overcrowding and cost concerns

Lincoln City Council has cancelled the annual Christmas Market after 40 years.

The council has decided to axe one of the UK’s longest-running Christmas Markets due to cost concerns and overcrowding. Previously, before the Covid pandemic, the Christmas Market had only been cancelled once before, due to snow and ice.

This decision is now being scrutinised by the public and opposing councillors. With the opposing councillors asking for the decision to be delayed whilst they carry out a full public consultation.

Overcrowding concerns come from the 2022 Christmas Market, where a record breaking 320,000 visitors attended the market over 4 days. A vast difference to the market’s ideal capacity of 250,000.

The City Council instead propose the Christmas Market is replaced with smaller events spread out throughout the year. Simon Walters, a strategic director of communities and environments believes that the 2022 market was too overcrowded and this caused the market to take “a hit in terms of reputation”.

Oppositional council members believe that axing the biggest event in Lincoln is a mistake, with the Conservative group explaining that whilst they acknowledge changes need to be made, they have to get the opinions of Lincoln residents and businesses.

Critics have also likened the Council to “a convention of Grinches or Scrooges”.

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