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It’s official: This is the poshest Uni of Birmingham halls

If you live in these accommodations you’re bound to hear ‘rah where’s my baccy’

The Birmingham Tab has an official ranking of the most Tory accommodations where there will definitely be champagne at pres and a lot of Waitrose shopping bags.

The Birmingham Tab has obtained data from the university which officially shows how many private school students live in each of the Birmingham Uni halls.

These are officially the poshest Birmingham Uni halls with the most private school students:

11. Ashcroft and Selly Oak Court

Less than 5 private school students.

If you live in Selly Oak Court or Ashcroft it is unlikely you are going to run into any boys with mullets, this could be a curse or a blessing depending your type in boys

10. Aitken and Bournbrook

14 students from private schools.

9. Oakley Court

15 students.

This makes sense you’d never catch a champagne sipping Tory sharing a flat with nine other people, and only three toilets.

8. Maple Bank

25 students from private schools.

Most people would think there would a lot less private schools kids in Maple Bank, as it is notorious for small kitchens that everyone complains about.

7. Oak Brook Park

33 private school students.

6. Battery Park

38 private school students.

5 Elgar Court

50 students from private school.

4. Shackleton

82 private school students.

Takes a certain type of person to want a meal plan tbh.

3. Tennis Courts

93 students from private schools.

2. Mason

125 students from private schools.

1. Chamberlain – 177 students from private schools

This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, after all the unofficial nickname for Chamberlain is Tory Towers.

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