Cardiff Student Union has opened an Esports Lounge

This is the first of its kind in a Welsh university

The Cardiff Student Union has opened a new esports room in the SU lounge.

The room officially opened on Friday 24th February and the university now has a 10 person competitive space for gamers looking to play esports as a team.

The esports room was partially funded by the Welsh Government in a student activity initiative.

Esports is a growing industry and in 2021, had over 4o million US dollars in the prize pool for international tournaments.

In 2018, the conversation first emerged about the university having a space for esports. The room was previously used as the SU lodge kitchen but was converted into the esports room earlier this year.

There are multiple stories about how gaming has allowed Cardiff students to make friends and get through tough times in the community it provides, at the opening of the esports room it was stated that this room will enable students to have a physical space to game and socialise together.

The computers in the room run all of the games that are played during esports competitions such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant alongside popular games for fun such as Fortnite.

The esports room has 10 computers which have their keyboards programmed to match the colours of the two mural walls in the room.

The SU hopes that one day esports will be able to be played as part of the Cardiff Vs Swansea Varsity but for now, this room is the first of its kind in a Welsh university.

To avoid vandalism in the room there is a key card lock fitted on the door so that those who are part of the gaming society can access the room, alternatively you can pay £20 a year for access if you aren’t part of the gaming society.

Alex, who was behind the project said: “It’s been incredible to see the process and I would like to say a massive thank you to the SU and both the pervious and current presidents Afran and Abi, they’ve been incredible in the process of getting the room set up.”

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