All the times Adam Seed tried to get famous before he went on MAFS Australia

He also knows Joshua from MAFS UK!

Married at First Sight Australia’s Adam Seed has been dubbed as a serial reality TV star as it is uncovered he has been in three reality TV shows before his time on the marriage experiment series.

Adam previously said he did “bits of modelling and other TV stuff”, but a lot of that included a lot of reality TV. Adam wouldn’t be the first Married at First Sight contestant to have been on TV before, with a lot of the 2022 UK cast starring on multiple TV dating shows before their MAFS stint.

He was paired up with Janelle on the series, and the couple got off to a rocky start when Janelle questioned what Adam did for a living. Their relationship went downhill even further when it was revealed Adam had cheated on Janelle with fellow Bride, Claire.

Married at First Sight Australia will be Adam’s fourth reality TV show, so here is a look back all of Adam Seed’s reality TV stints before he appeared on the marital experiment.

Dinner Date

Adam Married at First Sight Australia reality TV

via ITV

In 2017, Adam appeared on season seven of Dinner Date, and he said he was a part-time barber and construction worker. During the episode, he tried to woo The Only Way Is Essex star Jasmin Walia and cooked her a shrimp cocktail and feta-stuffed chicken.

The pair went on another date but seeing as Adam has decided to marry a stranger, it’s safe to say it didn’t work out. At the time of the show, Adam said: “I didn’t realise she was a celebrity and she is a hot chick so hopefully something comes from this.”

Coach Trip

Adam Married at First Sight Australia reality TV

via Channel 4

Adam didn’t stop there and crossed the TV channel pond to Channel 4 and starred on Coach Trip. Coach Trip is a fairly simple and follows a bunch of tourists travelling across Europe on a coach.

When the series was on TV, a review in The Guardian described him “as charmless” as the reboot of the series. While on Coach Trip, he was called out by Olivia for calling her a chick, but he quickly told her she didn’t understand him. “We call birds ‘chicks’,” he said. Smooth.

Celebrity Ex in the City

Adam Seed’s reality TV stints before Married at First Sight Australia didn’t stop there as he also made an appearance on the first episode of Celebrity Ex in the City. The MTV show was a spin-off of Ex on the Beach in early 2021. He went on a blind date with Amelle Berrabah back in 2021, but again, it’s safe to say it didn’t work out given he decided to marry someone at first sight.

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