Here are all the shows you need to watch next to fill the Love Island hole in your heart

Yes, there’s even more chaos

Winter Love Island 2023 is well and truly over and with the new season right around the corner in three months, there are plenty of other chaotic reality shows to watch in the meantime.

There are a number of wild dating shows currently airing and on streaming services to fill the massive Love Island hole in your heart for the next three months, and here they all are.

Married at First Sight Australia

Shows like Love Island

via Nine Network Australia

Season 10 of Married at First Sight Australia is currently airing on E4 and it is still in the early days of the experiment. The reality TV dating experiment pairs people together who get married on the day they meet each other. Throughout the experiment they are met with a series of challenges to decide if they can actually work together as a couple or if they aren’t suited to one another.

Married at First Sight also has a UK version with seasons available to watch on All 4.

Love Is Blind

via Netflix

A brand new season of Love Is Blind is returning to Netflix on Friday 24th March. Season four is based in Seattle and the first set of episodes will include meeting the cast and watching them on their dates. New episodes will then be released every Friday, for four weeks. A UK version of the show is also in the works.

Perfect Match

via Netflix

Perfect Match released on Valentine’s Day on Netflix and it was a crossover like no other. The synopsis reads: “Through a series of compatibility challenges and matchups, Nick Lachey takes hopefuls on a journey from single to soulmate, bringing together singles from other reality shows, including Love Is Blind, The Mole, Too Hot to Handle and other.”

All episodes are available to watch on Netflix and there has been non stop drama since the show aired.

Love Island

via ITV

This may seem quite obvious, but all past seasons of Love Island are available to watch on ITVX. So if you’re feeling reminiscent, you can be entertained from the likes of Jack and Dani and Ekin-Su and Davide.

Too Hot to Handle

via Netflix

Too Hot to Handle is another Netflix dating reality TV show that everyone is simply obsessed with. All seasons are available to watch on Netflix now and the latest season dropped just last year.

The official synopsis reads: “A group of determined singles visit paradise to meet, mingle and remain celibate for their chance to win $100,000.” There is also a German, Latino and Brazilian version of the series.

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