From movie stars to athletes: A look inside Vanessa Hudgens’ interesting dating history

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Let’s be honest, everyone has seen the awkward moment when Vanessa Hudgens walked passed Austin Butler at the Oscar Awards and paid him no notice. It was pretty iconic of her but now everyone is talking about who is with now.

Hearts broke everywhere when she and Austin announced their breakup back in 2020 but now they are both in new happy relationships, but before all of that Vanessa Hudgens was in some fairly high profile relationships of her own.

Here is a look inside Vanessa Hudgens’ interesting dating history now she is engaged to Cole Tucker.

Zac Efron

Vanessa Hudgens' dating history

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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were the it couple back in the day. After playing alongside each other in High School Musical, the pair were in a relationship once the camera stopped rolling.

Vanessa credited Zac for helping her get through being sprung into fame after their overnight success in the Disney Channel movies. They were together for five years but their relationship eventually ended in 2010 after it “ran its course”.

A source close to the couple told E News: “It’s nothing dramatic. There’s no third party involved. They were together for so long. It just ran its course.”

Josh Hutcherson

One person who may shock you out of Vanessa Hudgens’ dating history is Josh Hutcherson. After her relationship ended with Zac Efron, Vanessa dated Josh Hutcherson in 2011. They both starred in the adventure film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and when promoting the film, they indirectly announced their breakup.”

Austin Butler

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One relationship of Vanessa Hudgens that everyone so desperately wished they were her, was her relationship with Austin Butler. They confirmed their relationship when arriving at the movie premiere of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in 2012 together. Despite not officially confirming their relationship until 2014, when Vanessa called Austin the love of her life, they were together for eight years.

In January 2020, Austin and Vanessa announced they had broken up and everyone was devastated for them. A source close to the former couple told People: “They really loved each other and have been through some of their toughest life moments together. Busy work schedules and travel definitely put a strain on the relationship. They were a wonderful couple and it’s really said that it didn’t work out.”

Austin and Vanessa didn’t speak in detail about their breakup until two years later in 2022. In an interview with GQ, Austin said: “Life is full of changes, and you’ve got to find a way to constantly be evolving and growing.”

Vanessa told Nylon later that year her memoir will be “amazing” following her “two very long life-changing relationships.”

Cole Tucker

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Vanessa is currently engaged to American baseball player Cole Tucker. People began speculating they were dating in November 2020 after being pictures together. The pair on a Zoom meditation group, according to Hudgens. In February 2021, Cole told reporters he was in love.

Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show, Vanessa said: “If I want something or someone, I’m going after them. I fully just slid into his DMs and was like, ‘Hey, it was nice to meet you.’ So I think there is no shame in making the first move.”

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