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Here’s where you recognise the cast of Disney Plus’ new comedy Unprisoned from

Kerry Washington never misses

Unprisoned is the new comedy series that has just dropped on Disney Plus, with an all-star cast. The show is centered around single mum Paige and it is based on the real life of Tracy McMillan, who wrote the series.

The series has a number of recognisable faces, including TV royalty and those actors who you can pinpoint exactly where you recognise them from, but they’ve been in a lot nonetheless.

While you tuck into the cheerful series, here’s where you recognise the cast of the Disney Plus series, Unprisoned from.

Paige – Kerry Washington

Unprisoned cast Disney Plus

via Disney Plus

Kerry Washington stars as the lead in Unprisoned as Paige Alexander. Kerry Washington has been in everything you could possibly think of, and is probably best known for her role in Scandal as Olivia Pope. More recently, Kerry Washington starred in Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil.

Kerry has also starred in Little Fires Everywhere, Django Unchained and Prom. She has also done extensive work on Broadway, and her theatre credits include American Son and Chase.

Edwin – Delroy Lindo

Unprisoned cast Disney Plus

via Disney Plus

Delroy Lindo is another American actor who has been in more things than anyone can count. He rose to prominence for his roles in a number of Spike Lee films including Malcolm X and Clockers in the 90s.

Over the years he has starred in This Christmas, The Good Fight and Gone in 60 Seconds. More recently, he starred in the Netflix movies Da 5 Bloods and The Harder They Fall, both alongside Jonathan Majors.

Finn – Faly Rakotohavana

Unprisoned cast Disney Plus

via Disney Plus

Faly Rakotohavana doesn’t have many acting credits to his name, with his first being in the short film Delete that Post. Viewers may recognise him more for his role in Secret Society of Second Born Royals and Raven’s Home.

Mal – Marque Richardson

via Disney Plus

Marque Richardson rose to fame in his role in Netflix’s Dear White People as Reggie Green. He has also had roles in Inheritance, Step Sisters and Tell Me Your Secrets.

Young Paige – Jordyn McIntosh

via Disney Plus

Jordyn McIntosh has starred in a number of TV shows and she is just nine years old! Her first major role was as young Sasha Obama in the TV series The First Lady. More recently, Jordyn has starred in Abbott Elementary and Emancipation.

Nadine – Brenda Strong

via Disney Plus

Brenda Strong stars as Nadine in Unprisoned, but she has had a string of roles in several major TV shows and movies. Viewers may recognise her, or maybe more so her voice, as Mary Alice Young in Desperate Housewives.

Brenda has also starred in 13 Reasons Why, Supergirl and Blood Relatives. More recently, Brenda has been in 61st Street, Sweeter Than Chocolate and the short film Tar Pit.

Esti – Jee Young Han

via Disney Plus

Jee Young Han plays Esti, Paige’s sister in Unprisoned. She has made appearances in a number of TV dramas including Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless and Station 19. In more recent years, Jee has been in Perry Mason, Sidetracked and Superstore. She has one upcoming project, It Is What It Is (or the Standards of Outrage), which is currently in post-production.

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