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Liverpool Uni students are occupying the top floor of the 502 teaching hub

The action is part of the wave of strikes happening today across UK universities

The University of Liverpool Student-Staff Solidarity announced that they are occupying the top floor of the 502 Teaching Hub as part of the UCU striking action taking place across the country.

In their post they demand that lectures in the building are cancelled for the rest of the strikes and that the Vice Chancellor Tim Jones meets their and the UCU’s demands. The other demands outlined in the post call for an end to post-graduate exploitation, an end to the gender racial and disability pay gaps and efforts to make students voices heard in a summit with students, UCU members and university management.

The UoL Staff-Student Solidarity outline why they are taking this action, they say: “For the past decade, staff at our university have gone on strike, last year a student referendum found students overwhelmingly in favour of the strike action. The staff and students are united”.

They continued further saying: “We will no longer accept the degrading pay and working conditions of our lecturers while our vice chancellor sits on over 300k per year. We are taking a stand again university management that exploits staff and leaves students with inadequate learning conditions. We cannot accept the mistreatment of our post graduate peers”.

The UoL Staff-Student Solidarity say that you can support your lectures by attending Student/Staff solidarity picket lines, which are usually outside of the 502 Building.

We have approached the University of Liverpool for a comment.