These are the wildest Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast transformations

Evelyn looks SO different

A lot of the Married at First Sight Australia cast are full-grown adults, with a fair few of them pushing 30, and before they appeared on the experiment, a lot of them looked way different from how they do now.

For the most part, a lot of the cast members have had major glow-ups, from different hairstyles to just simply getting older. Here is a rundown of the wildest transformations from the cast of Married at First Sight Australia 2023.


via Channel 5 and Instagram @evelyn.ellis

Evelyn looks worlds apart from when she appeared on Big Brother in 2016. Evelyn was 18 years old at the time and has grown up big time. You may have to do a double take because you just wouldn’t think it’s her!


MAFS Australia 2023 transformations

via Instagram @janellemyh

Janelle is a full time content creator and makeup artist and a lot of her earlier looks are from when she first dabbled in the makeup world. Janelle used to have brown hair and has left 2014/2015 makeup looks well and truly in the past.


via Instagram @melindarichelle and @intrepid_fitness_

A lot of Melinda’s earlier photos are her obviously a lot younger than she is now. She still sticks with her signature bold dark brown eyebrow look but now she’s all about the eyelashes. In fact, Melinda has her own eyelash extension business, MW Lashes.

A recent unearthed picture of Melinda showed her rocking a completely different hair colour. Melinda was once a brunette, shades different from her blonde locks we all know and love.


MAFS Australia 2023 transformations

via Instagram @_bronteschofield

Bronte Schofield doesn’t look all that different but she didn’t always have her long locks. She used to have a short bob haircut and at one point she even rocked bangs and a fringe. She has moved away from the dark filled in brows and is now clearly a fan of the soap brow trend.


via Instagram @10dall

Lyndall looks worlds apart from how she did back in the day. She has still kept in her signature nose piercing and that’s quite iconic of her to be honest.


via Instagram @yepcams_on

Cameron has had one of the most major transformations out of the MAFS Australia 2023 grooms. He has grown out his hair and grown a very fancy moustache over the years, proving to be a whole different man.


via Instagram @caitlinmcconville

Like a lot of the Married at First Sight cast members, Caitlin has completely updated her makeup look and hair colour. She used to have jet black hair and her bold dark eyebrows complimented her hair. She now has blonde hair and often opts for a more natural makeup look.


via Instagram @cforclaire_

Claire has a complete new upgraded look, with a new hair colour and style. She has had one of the most major transformations out of the MAFS Australia 2023 cast. Claire used to rock a red layered hair style which was pretty iconic but she has since embraced her natural brown hair colour.

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