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Warwick student who was denied extension by uni despite having cancer has died

Riham Sheble was recently paid £12,000 in damages from the university

A Warwick student who was denied an extension by the university despite having cancer has died.

Just two weeks ago, Riham Sheble Mahrous Mohammed won a £12,000 payout from the University of Warwick after they denied her an extension request.

Despite being diagnosed with cancer during her time at Warwick, the university denied Riham an extension for her course as a result of her health condition.

A postgraduate student from Egypt, Riham was diagnosed with uterine sarcoma – a rare and aggressive form of cancer – in February 2021.

On the 12th March 2023, the URBC (Unis Resist Border Controls) announced that Riham had passed away with her partner and mother by her side.

The URBC had previously fought for Riham to extend her study period.

In a statement, they said: “Riham Sheble Mahrous Mohammed passed away with her partner, Eric, and her mother, Nadia by her side during the early hours of Sunday 12 March. Unis Resist Border Controls (URBC) sends Riham’s family our sincerest condolences at this time.

“In the UK, people will know Riham as the migrant student who successfully took on both the University of Warwick and the Home Office while unwell with uterine sarcoma – a rare and aggressive form of cancer. The #LetRihamStay campaign garnered media coverage and solidarity from staff and students at the University of Warwick and throughout the UK higher education, following the University of Warwick’s rejection of an extension to Riham’s studies.”

They continued: “Prior to coming to the UK to study for a MA at the Film and Television Studies Department at the University of Warwick, Riham led a full life as a freelance researcher, translator and editor. She was also a politically active queer Afro-Arab involved with human rights and women’s rights issues in her native Egypt. Riham’s activism concerning the rights of UK migrant students with disabilities follows from her long-standing commitment to social justice issues.

“Riham will be laid to rest in Egypt. URBC thanks everyone for your steadfast solidarity and support for Riham and the #LetRihamStay campaign.”

Features images via Facebook / Riham Sheble. 

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