Cardiff University’s SU held counter-terrorism exercise for Welsh security operatives

The programme was an effort towards the uni promoting the well-being and safeguarding of students

The Security Industry Authority (SIA), South Wales Police and Counter Terrorism Policing Wales held Wales’ first ever counter-terrorism scenario training in Cardiff University’s Students’ Union.

The Action Counter Terrorism (ACT) training was provided for Welsh security operatives and took place in the Great Hall.  The aim of the training session was to improve the abilities and strengthen frontline security operatives for if they’re ever faced with a terrorist threat.

The exercise involved a number of actors who helped created scenarios for the trainees in the SU. They faced realistic scenarios presented by actors with high-level security operatives and counter-terrorism specialists observing. These scenarios consisted of a mass stabbing threat, acid attack, suspect package and a terrorist attack.

Phillip Dayment, Head of Venues at Cardiff Students’ Union, said: “Ensuring the safety of our students is of utmost importance. We are thrilled to collaborate with the SIA and South Wales Police for this initiative, which will certainly enhance the security resilience for our venues and events at Cardiff Students’ Union.

“This training program complements our efforts towards promoting the well-being and safeguarding of our students.”

John Sandlin, Senior Manager of Compliance and Inspections at SIA, said : “We have run a number of these events across the UK. The event in Wales enabled security operatives to experience scenarios with a counter-terrorism theme in a training environment to better prepare them in the event of a real-life incident.

“We staged a number of scenarios, giving the venue staff and security operatives an opportunity to respond. There was an instant debrief from counter-terror experts, which was a great opportunity to provide feedback and learning.”

SIA manager, Paul Lucas who co-ordinated the event, concluding by saying: “We’re really pleased with the commitment that all the security staff put into the exercise.”

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