Edi students told us about their wild Hunger Games obsessions from when they were younger

‘I decorated potatoes as Katniss and Peeta’

Let’s be real here, The Hunger Games had us all in an absolute chokehold during our school years. I begged my mum to let me skip school to go the London premiere, and 11 year old me was CONVINCED that if Josh Hutcherson saw me there he would fall madly in love with me. Sadly my mum was sensible and I didn’t go. And with The Hunger Games dominating my TikTok FYP I wanted to know who else was a little obsessed with The Hunger Games so we asked Edi students to tell us about how the Hunger Games affected their entire lives.

1. ‘I ate sugar cubes thinking it would give me abs like Finnick, I was very wrong’

One can dream.

2. ‘When I was 12 I was meant to dress as Katniss but was ill so wore the pin in the hospital’

We love the dedication.

3. ‘I wore my hair to school in the Katniss side braid for two years straight’

It was THE hairstyle.

4. ‘I had a Hunger Games themed shrine in my room’

I wish I had been as cool as you.

5. ‘Took the day off school after reading about Rue’s death’

Honestly, it’s completely understandable.

6. ‘Made Everlark edits’

I bet you make iconic TikTok transitions now though.

7. ‘Had a fan page about Katniss Everdeen at age 13 with almost 15k followers’

It’s wild to think people as influential as this could be sitting next to you at the library.

8. ‘I bought a leather jacket and Hunger Games pin thinking I was a bad b*tch like Katniss’

Same. Let’s just say an 11 year old in a leather jacket is not really a look.

9. ‘Took a cardboard cut out of Katniss from Tesco and kept it in my room for years’

I’m framing this picture.

10. ‘Wore a Mockingjay pin to school every day for four years’

Okay now THIS is dedication.

11. ‘I dressed up as Katniss and went to the woods with my penknife to whittle arrows out of sticks’

She’s a crafty queen.

12. ‘I played Peeta in my year six leavers play’


13. ‘I decorated potatoes as Katniss and Peeta’

I’m devastated we don’t have photos of these, I know they would be so iconic.

’14. Still have a major crush on Peeta’

Same girl.

15. ‘Cried daily because Peeta wasn’t real and I couldn’t marry him’

I still do.

16. ‘Made a detailed PowerPoint detailing which of my 9 year old friends would survive’

You know this destroyed the friendship group.

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