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Take this quiz to find out how long you’d actually last in The Hunger Games

I’d be killed at the Cornucopia x

The Hunger Games: a dystopian nightmare of a franchise that secretly, most of us longed to live in when we were teenagers. It inspired a generation of young archers, bakers and people running around woods as we tried to live the fraught lives of Katniss and Peeta, though why we all longed to have our names submitted to a game where we fought to the death, I’m not sure we’ll ever truly know.

One thing is for certain: some of us wouldn’t have made it past the first day. I’m not sure I would have survived the first fight at the Cornucopia! To go against people who have spent their entire lives training to fight to the death seems like a daunting task that most of us aren’t up for, no matter what the fight for a taxi when leaving the club feels like. Take this quiz to find out exactly how long you’d last in The Hunger Games.

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