Rent Strike students occupy University of Manchester security offices in midnight operation

They said ‘we will not be intimidated by force or threats’

Students from UoM Rent Strike 2023 took over the Security offices in Whitworth Park hall at around midnight last night.

They appear to have targeted the building in response to the university’s use of private bailiffs in Wednesday morning’s 5am raid of the Simon building occupation.

The National Union of Students described Manchester’s decision to use private bailiffs to “violently evict” students as “disgusting but not surprising” behaviour from the university.

The eviction of student occupiers from the Simon building came after the university took its students to Manchester High Court on Monday afternoon where it was granted a possession order for the entire South Campus.

Whitworth Park hall and the associated offices were marked out by Uni lawyers as exceptions to the possession order granted for South Campus. This means that the National Evictions Team, who have stayed on campus since the eviction to prevent re-entry have no legal powers over the building.

Manchester Leftist Action explained the occupation saying: “Security staff are an extension of the forces of violence which protect capital and state against the demands of the people for a liveable life.

“We stand against the threat of bailiffs, police and security in solidarity with rent striking students and striking workers. We will continue to organise and outwit the management of this university.”

Student pours tea into mug in front of a banner that reads 'this is just a warning'.

An occupier, speaking anonymously to avoid disciplinary action, told The Manchester Tab: “We had a cup of tea, a photoshoot and then headed home to bed having made our point. Getting the full eight hours is important when you’re organising new actions every day.”

The University of Manchester has been approached for comment.

This article is being updated.

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