Lancaster Uni doctor gains place on NASA space project

A medical school doctor has been awarded a place on a NASA training course

Dr Sam Moore, a Lancaster Medical School researcher, has been awarded a place on the Space Health Impacts for the NASA Experience (SHINE) Training Course.

This prized spot is a competitive six-month online programme led by NASA scientists.

The programme focuses on the scientific facets of space radiation and how to protect astronauts from its adverse effects.

The SHINE Space Radiation Curriculum educates participants about NASA’s risk management strategies to protect astronaut health. Dr Moore, an anesthetist, holds an honorary researcher position on this project as part of her academic clinical fellow role investigating connections between space-related physiological changes and patients undergoing medical surgery on Earth.

She said to LancsLive: “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected to take part in the SHINE training course, learning from experts in the field and discovering more about the human research programme at NASA. Space provides a unique environment to study physiology, and many countermeasures keeping astronauts safe can potentially benefit high-risk surgical patients.”

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