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Kwame has received ‘inhumane’ racist messages since appearing on Love Is Blind

‘It’s disgusting people think it’s okay to hide behind the agenda of just caring about a TV show’

Love Is Blind cast member Kwame Appiah has received a number of racist messages following his appearance on the Netflix series. Kwame found himself in the middle of a love triangle with Chelsea and Micah on the show, which a lot of viewers were not happy with.

Alongside the backlash he received, he has shared with his followers the extent of horrid DMs he has been getting on social media, telling them it’s isn’t okay and people need to “cut it out”.

via Netflix

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Kwame shared a screenshot of a message he received, of someone calling him the N-word. “Waking up to some really nasty messages, so I’ll share one with you all,” he wrote in the caption.

“You’re all entitled to your opinion, and reflection on the show. But, waking up to multiple messages like this, is not okay. Things like this are inhumane, and we’ve got to do better. You are getting to watch a sliver of my life and judge me. Based off the purely disgusting and hateful words I’m seeing, it could be an issue with me, but it’s also an issue with you.”

via Netflix

In the video, Kwame said: “With something like this, there are a lot of opinions. Opinions are warranted, they’re a given. People will come out with their opinions, and that’s okay. Opinions on me, they’re okay. But there is definitely a level that should not be breached, and that’s when the opinions you have go towards deepened levels of hate.

“Racism or bigotry. I think that just crosses a line that shouldn’t be and it’s disgusting that people think it’s okay to do this and hide it behind the agenda of just caring about a TV show. I am human, I make mistakes. Just like you make mistakes. Wrapping that around in bigotry and hate, and pushing that agenda is never going to be okay. Cut it out.”

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