A detailed investigation into which MAFS Australia 2023 couples are still together

Harrison has a new girlfriend!

The tenth season of Married at First Sight Australia has more drama than anyone was prepared for. From cheating scandals to shady comments about partners, this seasons has been messy.

At the start it may have seemed as though a lot of the couples were going to smoothly sail through the experiment, but it didn’t work out for a lot of them. Like with a lot of couples on Married at First Sight Australia, even though their relationship breaks down at the end of the show, they tend to get back together when the cameras stop rolling.

Here’s a detailed investigation into which MAFS Australia 2023 couples are still together.

Harrison and Bronte

MAFS Australia 2023 couples still together

via Nine Network Australia

Harrison and Bronte had their fair share of drama on just their wedding day and a lot of it trickled down into the experiment. It was previously reported Harrison and Bronte were possibly still together after they were spotted hand-in-hand in Sydney.

Harrison even admitted the couple were in a “good place”. “There are real feelings there and I introduced Bronte to my son which is a big step,” he explained. “I can see myself being with this girl longterm.”

All of those signs pointed to the pair still being in a relationship but it seems whatever they had it well and truly over. Harrison recently went public with his new girlfriend, Gina. The pair were pictured together by Harrison’s mother, Noni, and it seemed that Gina has met Harrison’s son too.

A source close to Harrison and Gina told Daily Mail Australia the couple have been “inseparable” since Harrison’s split with Bronte. The source said: “Harrison and Gina met a few months ago after his split from Bronte, and they have been inseparable ever since.

“They’ve kept their relationship under wraps until now, but with Harrison’s TV marriage officially over, they’re thrilled to be able to go public.”

Lyndall and Cameron


Lyndall and Cameron seemed to be the best matched couple on Married at First Sight Australia but their cracks began to show during the homestay week and other challenges throughout the experiment.

Before the couple filmed the final vows, they gave their relationship a go but ended up splitting up just three months after the cameras stopped rolling.

Before the final vows, Lyndall told the cameras she and Cameron were in a better place but she completely changed her tune the next day. During the final vows episode, Lyndall told Cameron she felt she had to “beg for a shred of affection”.

She said: “Once these cracks started to form you withdrew from this relationship completely. I constantly had to beg for a shred of affection, your time, your attention and support when I was hurting. I felt like I was a burden and that being there for me as my partner was an inconvenience.”

“The lines of communication broke down completely”, an insider told Daily Mail Australia. Lyndall and Cameron have not publicly commented on the breakup, but their relationship is well and truly over.

Josh and Melissa

Josh and Melissa are most definitely not still together. At the second commitment ceremony, Josh said he wanted to leave while Melissa wanted to stay, and for the first time in the show’s history, Josh’s decision overrode Melissa’s. It’s safe to say the couple are no longer together and although things were initially friendly, Josh has since called out Melissa over her “despicable” comments about his ex-wife and their divorce.

Janelle and Adam

Janelle and Adam are one of the MAFS Australia 2023 couples who aren’t still together. After a sordid cheating scandal that rocked the experiment, Adam and Janelle did not stay together after the show.  Adam and Janelle were paired together on the show, but after he shared a kiss with Claire, everything came crashing down.

Adam has since confirmed the couple are no longer together and has defended his actions on Married at First Sight Australia. “Janelle and I really early on, realised we weren’t each other’s people,” he said on a podcast.

“We were there for the opportunity by the end of it, we had that conversation.” Talking about the cheating scandal, Adam said: “I wasn’t in a loving, committed relationship with the girl. Yes it looks like I’m the biggest a**e. My heart goes out to Jesse for what I’ve done. He for sure didn’t deserve what he got from me and Claire.”

Melinda and Layton


You can take a sigh of relief, Melinda and Layton are still together!! Their relationship may not have been the easiest on the show, but the couple have been pictured on a double date with another couple from Married at First Sight Australia.

Melinda and Layton chose to stay together after at the final vow ceremony, and they are said to still be together. It has been reported Melinda and Layton are one of the two couples who are still together from the show. Melissa and Layton recently revealed they were planning on adopting a dog and plans are in the works for Layton to move to Brisbane!!

Tahnee and Ollie

Tahnee and Ollie, the golden couple are still going strong and they’ve even moved in together! The pair had an instant connection on the show and they have only continued to go from strength to strength.

According to reports, the couple signed a 12 month lease on a house in Sydney. An inside told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Once filming wrapped in December, Ollie never really returned to Perth and has been living with Tahnee ever since.”

Tahnee and Ollie were recently pictured on a double date with Melinda and Layton in Sydney over the weekend. These two couples are the only two who stayed together once the experiment ended and are still going strong.

Claire and Jesse


It’s safe to say Claire and Jesse have gone their separate ways as they are one of the MAFS Australia 2023 couples who aren’t still together, and Claire has even confirmed it. The couple went their separate ways during the experiment and left during one of the commitment ceremonies. After Claire admitted to kissing another cast member, their relationship crumbled.

After Harrison suggested Claire was only on the show for her image, she said she “couldn’t care less” about what anyone thinks of her and told Jesse she wouldn’t make him stay in a situation he didn’t want to be in.

Claire has revealed she and Jesse haven’t been in touch since the show stopped filming. “Jesse seems to be doing great,” she explained. “Jesse is not really one to be like, ‘How are you doing? How are you feeling?’ So I’m not really sure how he really feels about me.”

Jesse has recently spoken out and said there was no chance of him and Claire and that they do not talk. Yikes!

Sandy and Dan

via Nine Network Australia

Nope! Sandy and Dan are most definitely not still together. The couple left the show during the fourth commitment ceremony after an unfortunate butt-dial. Dan and Sandy both admitted there were issues in their relationship and agreed to go their separate ways.

Dan is now in a new relationship and it’s with someone who went to his and Sandy’s wedding. During a radio show interview, Dan said: “I left the experiment in September last year, and Samantha and I got together for the very first time in mid-January this year. “So, you know, you tell me if you’re dating someone for six weeks, how long you should leave it before you move on to somebody else?”

Caitlin and Shannon

via Nine Network Australia

Caitlin and Shannon are no longer together, after the pair left the show during the second commitment ceremony. Shannon was quick to make comments about Caitlin’s appearance and hurt her feelings and he later admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Caitlin now has a new boyfriend and everyone is rightfully so pleased for her.

Duncan and Alyssa


Duncan and Alyssa were one of the strongest couples on Married at First Sight Australia, but they are one of the MAFS Australia 2023 couples who aren’t still together. Alyssa was reportedly blindsided when Duncan called it a day on their relationship.

Duncan has since revealed that Alyssa hasn’t responded to any of his messages. Can you blame her really? “During the week I reached out to Alyssa to check in on how she was,” he said on a radio show.

“I said that I would be there for her and have a phone call, or if there was something I could do to help I would, but I didn’t get a reply.”

Rupert and Evelyn


Evelyn and Rupert were one of the two new couples who joined the experiment later than usual. Despite making it to the final vows, the couple decided to end their TV marriage, which was largely due to their poor communication.

The pair have since opened up about why their relationship broke down, heavily hinting they are no longer together. “I think our communication [style] is a lot different,” Rupert explained to 9Entertainment.

“It was just one of those things. Evelyn sometimes gets a little bit angry, and I’m just more chilled and a bit blasé. For me, I like to nip [things] in the bud and deal with it then and there. Go to bed happy as Larry, and wake up the next day feeling good.”

Evelyn added she thought their relationship “wasn’t strong enough to handle an argument”. It’s safe to say they probably haven’t rekindled their romance.

Tayla and Hugo

via Nine Network Australia

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Tayla and Hugo are not still together. Tayla even refused to sleep in the same bed as Hugo and told him she wasn’t attracted to him. After a whirlwind romance on the show, the couple called it quits.

It’s fair to say they probably don’t still keep in touch, especially after Hugo called Tayla “disingenuous”. Talking with Today Extra, Hugo said: “I have zero clue why Tayla did half the things she did during our time in the experiment. It was all quite a lot and quite confusing for me.

“It was largely mixed messaging. If you say someone isn’t your type and you put in zero effort from day one, and then you flee back to Tasmania and return to say you wish to give the experiment a go!” Awkward…

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