MAFS Australia’s Josh has defended Melissa after their messy commitment ceremony

‘We are real people, we have real feelings’

Josh White has defended his former TV wife, Melissa Sheppard, after their messy relationship was laid bare during last night’s commitment ceremony on MAFS Australia.

The couple didn’t have the easiest ride on the show, especially when Melissa often spoke about their sex life with other cast members.

Since leaving the experiment, Josh has been forced to defend Melissa after trolls began sending her hate. Josh said he and Melissa have “had a chance to heal” from their experiences on the show.

He said: “What you saw in the experiment is no different to real life where two strangers come together from different backgrounds to try to learn more about each other, and themselves in the process. I think that we had some really beautiful moments, but we also had some moments of reflection, and I think that both of those will be pretty long-lasting.”

Josh pleaded with fans to “not attack Mel”, as it makes him unhappy. “Melissa and Josh MAFS Australia And we all came into the experiment looking for something,” he continued.

Melissa has also since apologised to Josh for her actions off camera. She recently featured on a radio show and claimed Josh was a “different person” when the cameras stopped rolling.

“Josh, I am sorry that my words were hurtful or damaging to you and that was never my intention to hurt you in any way shape or form,” she wrote on Instagram. “I went in this MAFS experiment hoping to find our perfect matches and as we didn’t find our forever after, wanted to let you know I hope when you’re ready you will find love and find what it is that you need out of a future relationship.”

She added: “Take care and hope to smile with you one day when we both have healed.”

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