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Here comes the brides and grooms! Meet the two ‘intruder’ couples joining MAFS Australia

I’m obsessed with Evelyn already

Two brand new couples will be joining Married at First Sight Australia as intruders, all with the aim of finding the one. Evelyn, Rupert, Tayla and Hugo have all joined MAFS Australia as late-comers and only time will tell if they are the perfect match.

This won’t be a surprise to Married at First Sight viewers as the UK season last year offered the same twist and feathers were well and truly ruffled.

So who are these four new cast members joining Married at First Sight Australia? Here’s everything you need to know about the two new couples joining the experiment.


Evelyn Rupert Tayla Hugo MAFS Australia

via Instagram @evelyn.ellis

Evelyn is a 27-year-old marketing manager and model who after a truly terrible breakup, is putting her trust in the hands of the experts.

Viewers may recognise Evelyn from a different TV show as this wouldn’t be her first reality TV stint. Back in 2016 she appeared on Big Brother UK and lasted 50 days in the house. She came in fifth place and was on the show with the likes of Lateysha Grace and Marco Pierre White Jr.

In a truly random turn of events, Evelyn once shared a taxi ride with none other than Justin Bieber. The MAFS bride has never revealed what happened that night but did say she will “save it for a rainy day.”

Evelyn is paired with Rupert in the experiment, and only time will tell how their journey will end.


Evelyn Rupert Tayla Hugo MAFS Australia

via Instagram @rupertbugden

Rupert is a Brisbane-based electrician who is paired with Evelyn in the romantic experiment. Before entering the show, Rupert’s friends described him as a “genuine bloke” who is “looking for something serious”.

They said: “He is not playing games. He’s been unlucky when it comes to finding the right girl and only signed up for this hoping he might actually find the one.”

The 27-year-old has been single for six months after his last relationship “fizzled out” and admits he comes across a little bit like a f***boy, but he is far from it. Rupert described himself as loyal and when he is in a relationship, “he puts his blinkers on and only has eyes for his partner”.


via Instagram @_hugo_armstrong

IT account executive Hugo is “a goofball with extremely high standards” when it comes to relationships, even down to what they wear. Yikes.

The 32-year-old is paired up with Tayla, and after being in love four times, he hopes that she will be the one for him. Before joining the show, Hugo’s friends described him as a “classic warm-hearted and easy-going guy who would definitely be looking for a genuine connection.”


via Instagram @taylawinter

After a year of being single following her boyfriend of six years cheating on her, Tayla is looking for the man of her dreams. The 27-year-old nurse is hoping to break the cycle of her always going for the wrong guys and wants to start a family.

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