Warwick STEM students banned from studying in the FAB after complaints from Arts students

The Faculty of Arts building will now require student ID to be scanned upon entry

University of Warwick has confirmed that the Faculty of Arts building will no longer be accessible for STEM students.

The ban comes after numerous Arts students complained that there are not enough study spaces available, as STEM students have been “taking up all the seats”.

Following these complaints, the Faculty of Arts building will now require all students to scan their student ID cards upon entry of the building with this new rule being implemented in week two of term three.

Furthermore, members of staff will “occasionally” ask students in study spaces for their IDs during busy hours and STEM students will no longer be able to book rooms at the FAB.

The Faculty of Arts building, completed in autumn 2021, was designed as a “student-focused and community space” to provide “a collective home for all the Arts and Humanities disciplines”.

The aim of the ban is to “allow for a more collaborative space between Arts and Humanities students and maintain the exclusivity of creative engagement.”

The following STEM courses have been confirmed to be banned from the Faculty of Arts building:

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Other joint honours courses (for example, Maths and Physics)

However, this ban will “most likely” not affect the social sciences, as the university does not technically classify courses such as Psychology, Economics or Business as a STEM subject.

Emily, an English Literature and creative writing finalist, told The Warwick Tab: “I’m elated to hear that this ban will finally go ahead. Do you know how many times I’ve tried to study in the FAB only to find a bunch of compsci nerds coding in the creative writing space?”

However, this ban has been met with some controversy. Dro, a discrete mathematics student, said: “This is completely unfair. Mathematics is literally an art in itself. AI can paint better than three quarters of the people in the FAB anyway.”

A first-year computer science student, Coober, admitted: “Maybe we deserve this. Sure, I can design a software to investigate cryptography and encryption, but can I write a poem about it? Definitely not.”

But before all the STEM students start protesting and the Arts students start celebrating, you might want to check the date… Happy April Fools!

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