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We found the MAFS Australia 2023 cast audition tapes and they are golden

Harrison said he ‘unwillingly’ had all the traits of a ‘f***boy’

To be on any reality TV show, you’re going to need to prove to producers why you deserve to be there. A lot of this pleading is done through audition tapes and a bunch of MAFS Australia 2023 cast members have shared the videos they sent to producers to get on the show.

A lot of the videos just prove that a lot of the cast are just everyday people, with an added twang of cringe. So what did the current cast of Married at First Sight Australia submit? Take a look here.


via Instagram @danhunj

In a short two minute clip, Dan referred to himself in the third person, described his character traits and said he thought he was a catch. Dan was paired with Sandy on the show but their relationship soon broke down after they failed to get along.

In the video, he said: “I would describe Dan as being someone who is very charismatic and contagious, a little bit cheeky and a very much performance driven guy. A lot of people live life very one dimensionally and I’m very much a multi-faceted individual. I often find I don’t want to live the length of life, I like to live the width of it as well.” A driven king!

Dan also went into detail about his romantic life and admitted he had been dating for around two years after being in long-term relationships for the previous 19 years of his life.


via Instagram @cforclaire_

Claire was in a TV marriage with Jesse on Married at First Sight Australia before their romance ended in tears when it was revealed she shared a kiss with another groom. In Claire’s audition tape she described herself as a “catch” and as an “amazing woman”.

“People either really love me or really hate me,” she began. “No one has ever said, ‘Claire she’s alright’, they’re like, ‘That crazy b***h or that legend.'” Claire said she is “unapologetically” herself and doesn’t care if people can’t handle it. Claire also detailed her past relationship which ended because her partner wasn’t ready to have conversations about marriage.


via Instagram @harrison_boon_

Harrison was coupled up with Bronte on Married at First Sight Australia and their relationship has not blossomed on the outside as Harrison is now in a new relationship.

Well before he even knew of Bronte, Harrison revealed all why he should be a cast member on the show. When asked if he was a f**kboy, he said he had all the attributes of one “unwillingly”. Explaining more about his type, Harrison said: “I don’t have super high standards, just like a Swedish supermodel.”

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