Beach curfew imposed on Bournemouth students to crack down on anti-social behaviour

Bad news for those late night summer BBQs

BCP Council has announced it will be imposing a ban on students on the beach during certain hours in an attempt to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and overcrowding.

Commencing from 1st May, students will now only be allowed on beaches between the hours of 9am and 5pm with the ban lasting indefinitely.

During these times, students will be prohibited from consuming alcohol and smoking tobacco or any illegal substances in an attempt to combat anti-social behaviour.

This decision comes as the amount of resident complaints to BCP Council has doubled in recent years as the pandemic saw more overcrowding and mess left on beaches such as Bournemouth and Boscombe than ever before.

The Coastguard will have officers patrolling the beachfront during the banned hours for stray youngsters unaccompanied by adults over the age of 35.

In a statement announcing the introduction of the curfew, BCP council said: “We regret the conditions that produced this decision, but the vast amount of litter left on the beach last summer was truly unacceptable.”

BP stated it was “undeniable that students were responsible” for the plastic waste, and furthermore that “the rowdiness and public disruption” of alcohol consumption had “a negative effect on the local revenue generated by tourists.”

“The anti-social behaviour of students is extremely damaging to our sense of community. We want Bournemouth beach to be a point of pride for our locals.”

Despite the explicit ban on BU students, no comments were made regarding AUB student’s status’ has been made. Going incognito as an AUB student might give your late night beach parties the perfect disguise: Getting your septum pierced at one of Bournemouth’s countless tattoo shops or donning dangly earrings and a huge crochet cardigan should do the trick.

Samrath Bhatti, a second year law student at BU said: “It’s literally insane. I don’t get how they’ll check we’re students. I’ve always been told I look older than I am, and half my friends look like they’re taking their GCSE’s. We’re planning on pretending to be a family so we can keep having our beach seshes.”

April Jones, a final year business and management student, shared in Samrath’s frustration: “Spending time at the beach is literally the only thing student life in Bournemouth has going for it. This is so unfair.”

Whereas, Patty Hudd, a local resident who has lived in Bournemouth all her life was overjoyed by the news: “It’s only right students are banned. It’s unfair on others trying to enjoy the beach to be met with uncouth louts who have nothing better to do with their student finance than go down to the off license and leave the remnants littered on our beaches. Next, BCP should close down the universities all together.”

The news comes as Bournemouth beach was announced as 24th best in Europe this year, after a knock down of 20 places from ranking fourth best in 2021.

You might want to check the date, you April Fools x

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