After a kiss ended their marriage, what are MAFS Australia’s Claire and Jesse up to now?

According to Claire, Jesse hasn’t answered any of her messages

Married at First Sight Australia stars Claire and Jesse seemed to hit it off straight away on their wedding day, but it all came crumbling down when Claire’s kiss with Adam came to light.

There were tears, awkward silences and a lot of anger when the kiss was revealed and eventually, Claire and Jesse left the experiment. But what have they been doing since they left the show and the cameras stopped rolling? Here’s what MAFS Australia stars Claire and Jesse are up to now.

MAFS Australia Claire and Jesse now

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Shock (!) Jesse and Claire are not in a relationship

It’ll come as no surprise that Jesse and Claire are not still in a relationship. The couple called it a day during one of the commitment ceremonies. Their exit came after Harrison said he thought Claire was only on the show to “fix her image”.

During the commitment ceremony, Jesse said: “Claire cheated on me. I have stretched myself so much. I came into this saying that my fight or flight kicks in real quick and I’m quick to end things early on so I really stretched myself. This comment really brought back a lot of things that I had been pushing to the side.”

Claire has said her kiss with Adam lasted ‘three seconds max’

Claire eventually held her hands up and has since spoken about the kiss she shared with Adam on a radio show. During her appearance on the Fitzy and Wippa radio show, Claire said their kiss lasted “two seconds, three seconds max”.

MAFS Australia Claire and Jesse now

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Jesse and Claire haven’t been in contact since the experiment

Claire and Jesse have not spoken to each other since they left the MAFS Australia experiment. Claire confirmed the news Today Extra, saying she’s tried to reach out to him but heard nothing back.

“I’ve always been the first to reach out to Jesse,” she explained. “You know, ‘How are you going? Ho was watching that? How you feelings?’ Jesse seems to be doing great. He’s enjoying his newfound fame back in Perth. He’s having a great time.

“Jesse is not really one to be like, ‘How are you going? How are you feeling? So I’m not really sure how he really feels about.'”

Jesse was recently spotted kissing MAFS Australia season nine star Carolina Santos

Jesse seems to be moving on as he was recently spotted getting to know Carolina Santos, who was on season nine of MAFS Australia. The former bride was spotted kissing and cuddling Jesse after a night of drinking in Bondi. They were apparently having an “intimate conversation” and “whispering into each other’s ears”, according to a witness.

Jesse has also been hanging out with Janelle, as she has recently moved to Sydney with her best friend. Janelle was the other half who was also wronged by Claire and Adam.

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Claire has been jetting off with her bestie Sandy

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Claire has been all over the place recently, travelling all over Australia. Claire has been sharing photos of her and her co-star Sandy Jawanda, as they party in Melbourne and Australia. Claire and Sandy are one of the many MAFS Australia season 10 cast members who are still friends.

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