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MAFS Australia golden boy Layton has actually been on two reality TV shows before

He’s been desperate for love

Married at First Sight Australia isn’t the first time Layton Mills has been on reality TV as it has been revealed he was on two television programmes before his marriage to Melinda.

Layton is already incredibly successful as a full-time CEO at AusCann, a pharmaceutical company, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting his screen time.

He has been on two TV shows dating back to 2009, making Married at First Sight Australia his third television show.

Total Wipeout – 2009

MAFS Australia Layton

In 2009, Layton starred on Total Wipeout. If you were an avid watcher of the obstacle course show back then, you will recognise Layton and his pink lucky headband. It was a look for sure.

Layton isn’t the only MAFS Australia groom who has been on the television prior to their onscreen marriage. TV groom Adam Seed had been on a string of reality television programmes before landing a role on MAFS Australia. Some of the shows included Dinner Date, Coach Trip and Celebrity Ex in the City.

First Dates – 2016

MAFS Australia star Layton appeared on First Dates back in 2016 and he even got on really well with his date. Layton went on a date with Lani and viewers saw the pair hit it off. Layton later admitted he and Lani “hooked up” four times after their date but their romance didn’t go beyond that.

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