Guys, MAFS Australia’s Alyssa was savagely roasted by Judge Judy back in 2010

I would never recover

In a shock to no one, yet another Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast member was once on a reality TV show before starring on the experiment.

Way back in 2010, MAFS Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde was on an episode of Judge Judy and was called out in a savage roast by the celebrity judge.

Alyssa was on the TV courtroom show because there was a fire at her house and it was blamed on her shisha pipe. Speaking to Nine about her TV past, she said: “When I was living in California at the time, there was a fire at the house and they [her housemates] tried to blame the fire on my shisha pipe.

“So they sued me, and we ended up on Judge Judy. Good thing is, is that she threw the case so I didn’t lose.”

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During the episode, MAFS Australia bride Alyssa was epicly roasted by the TV judge after she kept interrupting her. “Just a second. I’m not talking to you. You’re a real, You’re annoying,” Judge Judy told Alyssa.

Alyssa was then asked to read a series of text messages for the court to hear but Judge Judy grew frustrated after Alyssa tried to make a statement instead. “Would you read it to me?” Judge Judy yelled, and even called her a “functional illiterate”.

Alyssa has made light of the situation in a video, sharing the clip of the hilarious moment on her now private TikTok account.

In another video, Alyssa revealed some behind the scenes secrets about the show and said it “one hundred per cent” isn’t scripted.

“It was totally real. I’m not an actress. Even though I really wanted to be one,” she said.

“It’s very advantageous because if I were to lose, the show pays whatever you’ve been sued for. Let’s say I was being sued for $2,000 and I lose, I pay nothing. I also got paid a small appearance fee, and I was put up in Hollywood for the night, which was awesome because I was 22.”

Alyssa wouldn’t be the first Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast member to have been on reality TV before. MAFS Australia grooms Layton and Adam had both been on television before their MAFS Australia stint. Layton was previously on First Dates and Total Wipeout and Adam was on Coach Trip, Dinner Date and Celebrity Ex in the City.

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