Ollie and Tahnee won the hearts of the nation on MAFS Australia, so what are they up to now?

They still have their pet fish!!

Ollie and Tahnee made everyone’s day when they said their vows on Married at First Sight Australia. The couple are the youngest ever to appear on the show and they have proved anyone who had doubts about their relationship wrong.

Tahnee and Ollie are one of the two couples who stayed in a relationship following their final vows and they have been making some pretty big life moves.

Following on from their super wholesome romance on Married at First Sight Australia, here’s everything Tahnee and Ollie have been up to.

They’re always spotted looking loved up and it’s so cute

Tahnee and Ollie are still going strong outside of the experiment and were recently spotted all loved up on a stroll in Sydney. The couple were pictured by paparazzi hand-in-hand simply have a lovely time.

Tahnee recently said she appreciates people loving them as a couple but hopes no one puts them on a pedestal.

“It’s a lot of pressure from people putting us up on a weird pedestal because they see us on TV and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, they’re so cute, I want them to work out,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Seeing that we’re like, we don’t want people to live up to this high expectation of people. But it’s nice that people feel that way about us.”

Tahnee and Ollie now live together!

The couple took the next big step and moved in together in Sydney following the end of the experiment. Ollie and Tahnee now live in a two-bedroom home in Darlinghurst in Sydney, which Woman’s Day described as “the heart of a trendy suburb”.

Tahnee said them moving in together wasn’t a major change given they lived together in Sydney during the experiment. They home is the most wholesome thing you’ll come across, with a framed portrait of Polaroids from their time on MAFS Australia.

The couple have even discussed baby names

Previous reports suggested Tahnee and Ollie would be having a baby sooner rather than later but it’s clear that won’t be the case for a while.

“Careful what you say!” Ollie jokingly warned Tahnee. “This is how they stitch us up!” They eventually said they settled on a name if they ever have a girl and will be naming her Blake. Cute!

Tahnee did clear up in a later interview that she and Ollie won’t be having children anytime soon. She said: “It’s something we’ve discussed. Right now, I’m just living my life and if that happens for me one day, then I’ll be blessed. But kids aren’t part of my plan yet.”

Ollie said the experiment brought them ‘closer’

In a recent interview, Tahnee and Ollie were asked if they thought their relationship had been successful. Ollie said he and Tahnee were lucky to form a friendship as well as a relationship which helped the majorly in the experiment.

“Having a friendship with your partner builds a foundation to have a really secure bond,” he explained.

“There have been times during the experiment when we’ve disagreed, but we try to focus on being open and communicating. Not sweating the small stuff. We expected the experiment would be challenging and it has been but so far, it’s brought us closer together.”

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