‘The past is in the past’: MAFS Australia’s Josh says he has no ‘ill will’ towards Melissa

He told The Tab he is ‘sympathetic’ towards Melissa

When relationships break down on Married at First Sight Australia the individuals rarely stay in touch and they go back to being strangers. Celeste’s Strange couldn’t ring truer for a lot of the MAFS Australia 2023 cast members.

One couple in particular whose relationship broke down quite early on in the show was Josh and Melissa. After failing to establish a physical connection on a deeper level, the experts eventually let Josh leave the experiment.

Former cast members have said they felt they were portrayed in a different light on the show in comparison to how they actually are but MAFS Australia groom Josh White feels quite the opposite.

MAFS Australia Josh

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Josh told The Tab he felt the show “captured the events” of his and Melissa’s relationship “fairly”. “I can remember having those disagreements about our approaches to intimacy and wanting to be heard and I wasn’t,” he said.

While Josh was on the show, he and Melissa failed to excel during intimacy week and Josh even told experts he felt he was just a “penis” to his bride. Looking back on that commitment ceremony where it all ended, Josh said: “I stand by what I said at the second commitment ceremony. There were other things I raised with the experts that were cut that further illustrated what I was describing.”

It may be a valid assumption that Josh could still have some grievances with Melissa about their time on the experiment, but he is very much over it all. “The events are in the past,” he explained to The Tab.

“I left the show in September last year. I am sympathetic towards Melissa and don’t hold any ill will towards her. I have always maintained there is pressure that is unseen to the audience that affects the cast – and I think that’s the case for Melissa.”

MAFS Australia Josh

via Nine Network Australia

When asked if he regretted his time on MAFS Australia, Josh said although he “would have loved things to turn out differently”, he has no regrets. Josh said: “As you get older, life is filled with enough regrets, so when MAFS came along it just felt like another thing I would live to regret if I had said no.”

Josh also opened up about his decision to go on the show. The single father admitted his motivation was down to “loneliness” due to being recently separated. “I thought that if I didn’t meet my person on the show then hopefully they could be watching and think that I was maybe someone they’d see themselves with,” he admitted to The Tab.

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