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‘Harrison and Bronte won’t last’: MAFS UK’s Zoe reveals her thoughts on the Australia cast

She told The Tab Sandy and Dan were her favourite couple!

Married at First Sight UK’s Zoe Clifton has shared with The Tab her thoughts on this year’s Australia’s cast members. Zoe was on the UK version of MAFS in 2022 and has been keeping up to date with the season 10 Australian brides and grooms.

Zoe isn’t too keen on a lot of the couples but there are a select few who have a special place in her heart and make her think back to when she was on the show.

Harrison and Bronte

via Nine Network Australia

“Harrison is just next level,” Zoe tells The Tab from her car as she takes a quick break from work. “There is no way they will last. There’s no way in normal circumstances you would put up with that.”

When asked if she thought the couple were going to make it to final vows and work on the outside, Zoe replied: “Do I think they’re going to last? Absolutely not.”

“I think during the experiment there are certain things you sort of have to push through that you would usually run a mile from. Sometimes that pays off but in these circumstances you just look like a bit of an idiot,” she continued.

Bronte and Harrison have had non-stop drama for UK viewers on the show, with a lot of people unsure as to why Bronte often asks to stay during the commitment ceremony. In the latest commitment ceremony, viewers saw Harrison break down in tears, telling the group it upset him that he couldn’t relate to Bronte’s pain with endometriosis. Zoe said if Harrison was trying to tell the group Bronte was hormonal, it would’ve been “out of order”.

Claire and Jesse

via Nine Network Australia

Zoe admitted she was on the fence about Claire and Jesse’s relationship because she wasn’t huge fans of either of them. But when it came to deciding if they were going to stay together or not, Zoe said: “I don’t think it’ll last at all”, but she is still torn about their relationship.

“I’m kind of torn because she [Claire] is genuinely really sorry and there’s a little part of me that kind of wants them to work out,” she told The Tab.

“I’m kind of torn because she [Claire] is genuinely really sorry and there’s a little part of me that kind of wants them to work out,” she told The Tab.

Claire and Jesse haven’t had an easy ride on Married at First Sight Australia after Claire kissed another groom and lied about it for weeks on end. The pair are still in a couple for UK viewers after Claire wrote she wanted to stay in the experiment while Jesse wrote he wanted to leave.

Sandy and Dan

via Nine Network Australia

This may be an unpopular opinion for some, but Zoe’s number one favourite couple is Sandy and Dan. It’s possible her opinion could have changed following the butt dial scandal but just days before it took place, Zoe was all for this couple.

“My favourite couple are Sandy and Dan. I love them so much and from the start I have been obsessed with them,” she told The Tab. Zoe did acknowledge the couple were on the rocks and she reckons Dan got the ick from Sandy. Yikes!

Layton and Melinda

via Nine Network Australia

Layton and Melinda give off major mum and dad energy out of the whole group, but they are not on top of Zoe’s favourites list. Zoe said she doesn’t really have an opinion on the couple but admitted they are “very well matched”.

She said: “I don’t like them or dislike them. I think they are very well matched and I think after the experiment they will be very well matched. You’ve got two people who have excelled in their careers and they’re very career-minded, so you’ve got to have a certain level of understanding to make that relationship work and I think they both do. I think they are one of the most likely to work on the outside.”

Tahnee and Ollie

via Nine Network Australia

Golden couple Tahnee and Ollie seem to be going from strength to strength as their relationship plays out on screens, but Zoe isn’t all that keen. “I don’t really like them. I think it’s because they’re getting on so well. They need some drama!” she told The Tab.

Evelyn and Rupert

via Nine Network Australia

The second couple who has a soft spot in Zoe’s heart is intruder couple Evelyn and Rupert. Rupert’s shyness and nervousness as his wedding reminded Zoe of herself when she was filming the experiment.

“Him on the wedding day! I can remember standing there [the altar] and I was fine all morning getting ready and when I was standing there, I remember looking at my legs and they were shaking and I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. So when I was looking at him, I just 100 per cent understood that and I don’t think his reaction is unreasonable. And she is beautiful and he was blown away,” she explained to The Tab.

Zoe continued to share her praise for Rupert, saying she was “massively rooting for him” and admitted she was “obsessed” with him. Aren’t we all?!

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