Um, the MAFS Australia grooms apparently have a group chat called Bad Boys for Life

They’re all still friends I guess!

Like any reality TV show, friendships are formed with a bond like no other. A lot of cast members have a friendship based on what they went through on a show which ultimately brings them together.

Following the end of Married at First Sight Australia, a lot of the cast members have created life-long friendships and that includes a number of WhatsApp groups for all of them to stay in touch.

According to an insider, a lot of these groups have been disbanded but some are still active with the most cringey names imaginable.

via Nine Network Australia

A source told So Dramatic! there was a WhatsApp group chat with the MAFS Australia brides but a lot of them left after it all became too much. “There was a girls’ chat but a lot of the girls left because one bride kept sending in articles about herself,” the source said.

“It was like, ‘look what this person said about you, or look at this comment’, they added. Apparently a bunch of filtered group chats were then made but who can blame them?

The MAFS Australia brides aren’t the only ones with a WhatsApp group chat as the grooms also have one which has also been filtered down. The source also added the boys have a chat called Bad Boys For Life and honestly, I’m not shocked.

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