Harrison Bronte MAFS Australia 2023

Bronte and Harrison call out their MAFS Australia edit and their opinions are so different

Harrison wants to ‘fight’ to show the public who he really is

Former Married at First Sight Australia couple Bronte and Harrison have had their say on their edit on the show and to be assumed, they have some incredibly differing opinions.

Bronte and Harrison have both done separate interviews since MAFS Australia 2023 finished airing in Australia and it seems neither can agree on what truly captured their experience on the show.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia, Harrison said he felt he was unfairly portrayed as a manipulator, narcissist and gaslighter. He claimed if viewers were shown the “full story” through his perspective, their opinion would be wholly different to the one they have now.

Harrison Bronte MAFS Australia 2023

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“If they saw the stimulus, if they saw the context to what I was reacting to in the first place, they’d probably think, ‘Sh*t, this guy’s extremely patient,'” he said. ”

To this day, Harrison claims his true self wasn’t shown on Married at First Sight Australia and plans to continue to “fight” to show viewers who he really his.

Bronte did slightly side with Harrison in her first post-show interview and said there was a good side to him viewers did not see.

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“When Harrison and I first met, we really did have that spark,” Bronte explained. “Our wedding was actually amazing, there was instant chemistry. Our feelings got along so well, it was everything I could have asked for.”

Bronte continued to explain she had no idea how her relationship with Harrison was going to be portrayed on MAFS Australia 2023. “It’s a reality TV show, things chop and change more than anyone can imagine,” she said.

“Watching everything back on screen I’m going, ‘They’ve cut out every single good part of mine and Harrison’s relationship’. I couldn’t go into the media and run a narrative that wasn’t authentic to me, my story and my time in the experiment.”

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