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John Aiken MAFS Australia

John Aiken is the no-nonsense relationship expert everyone is obsessed with on MAFS Australia

His wife is super well-known in Australia

If there is one expert on the MAFS Australia expert panel that viewers are obsessed with, it is John Aiken. From his epic takedowns on some of the brides and grooms to his superb advice to the couples, John is the expert everyone looks forward to each commitment ceremony.

Besides being an iconic relationship expert on MAFS Australia, John is living his best life. So, here’s everything you need to know about MAFS Australia expert, John Aiken

John was once a famous cricketer in New Zealand

Before becoming a relationship expert, John was once a cricket player for Auckland and Wellington. He was a left-handed batsman and played 46 first class matches and 39 one-day matches in his 11 season career.

From 1989/90 to 2000/01, John played for New Zealand XIs against the West Indies, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka.

John’s wife is super well-known over in Australia

John Aiken is married to Kelly Swanson-Roe, a former news reporter. According to her LinkedIn, Kelly worked as a reporter for Media Works in Auckland, New Zealand from 2001 to 2005.

In 2006, Kelly went on to work for Sky TV New Zealand as a presenter before moving to Sydney in Australia and working in the same role over there for a year.

Kelly is now a director at Yellow8design, an interior design company. Its bio reads: “We love to create magic and we’re pretty darn good at making it happen.”

He and his wife have the cutest love story

John met his wife Kelly 17 years ago after he saw her on TV in New Zealand. Kelly was widowed when she was 30 years old after her first husband died in a canoeing accident and so when she met John, she was very guarded.

“She is someone I am very grateful that I met,” John told 9Honey, continuing: “She had a lot of people around her that were very protective and didn’t want her to jump into anything else.”

“She is someone I am very grateful that I met,” John told 9Honey, continuing: “She had a lot of people around her that were very protective and didn’t want her to jump into anything else.”

John Aiken takes no rubbish from the cast members on the show and when it comes to telling them about themselves, he will do just that. In the early days of this year’s experiment, John told Caitlin and Harrison how them seeing people days before entering the experiment was unacceptable and a round of applause most definitely erupted in every household watching that episode.

John was always hustling to be a relationship expert

It may seem like a random career move from cricket to helping people in their relationships, but this was always John’s plan.

During his cricket career, John trained as a relationship specialist and ran a private practice in New Zealand and Australia. Following on from his success, John hosted the ABC documentaries Making Couples Happy and Making Families Happy and then went on to become one of the experts on Married at First Sight Australia.

John has three books on relationship advice

Over the years, John has released a number of books offering relationship advice to people. In 2005, he released his first book called U-Turn: Putting You Back Into Your Relationship.

In 2010 and 2013 he released two more books but hasn’t published anymore since.

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